5 Books Moms Should Read (That Aren’t Parenting Books)

Being a mom is hard enough, we don’t need someone to tell us how to parent. Every mom will have a different perspective, and that is okay. So while “parenting books” might share some useful information, the majority don’t need to read those books. Instead, here are five amazing books on being a mom that every mother should read. Each of these books share relatable experiences, and will give you a new love and meaning for being a mom.

  1. Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover

This book is great to gain a perspective of how parenting forms our children’s world and how they view the world according to how we describe it to them. I think it’s also an important story to understand all our children really want from us is love and approval and beyond that they are willing to forgive our imperfections.

2. Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Girl Wash Your Face is a great motivational book about motherhood, life, accomplishing goals, and balancing it all. It is a relatable, light, and funny read that has a lot of suggestions and guidance on improving yourself as a person and mother. This is a great book for a working mom.

3. Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou

As one of my favorite writers, I think this is a must-read for all moms. Not as light or easy as the other suggestions, but definitely a great book for a deeper reflection on the mother and daughter relationship. 

4. Dear Mother: Poems on the Hot Mess of Motherhood by Bunmi Laditan

As a busy mom, I love that I can just pick up this book, open a page, and find a relatable quote or poem. It really helps with the “am I losing my mind?” of motherhood. It will make you laugh, cry, and say “oh my God, I know.”

5. Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama talks about a lot of issues mothers face from infertility, balancing a career, and fitting in healthy eating as a family. I love how even though she’s a powerful and accomplished mother, the book and her motherhood experiences feel so relatable. The book will empower you to pursue your own happiness and fulfillment while also deciphering what’s best for your family.

Bonus Reads:

Motherhood by Sheila Heti

Hunger by Roxanne Gay

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are”. – Max DePree

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14 Comments on “5 Books Moms Should Read (That Aren’t Parenting Books)

  1. Great list! I have Educated sitting on my bookshelf, but have yet to read it. I’ve heard from a few people that it’s worth reading. I’ve looked at Becoming a few times in the book store, but wondered if I would find it relatable. I love your summary. I think I will have to pick it up!

  2. I love how these books are more about motherhood and not parenting. I will have to give some of these a read. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Thank you for suggesting these books! I am always looking for new ideas, and I have read a few of these.

  4. Great list! I love reading, but am always looking for new suggestions. I haven’t read all of these, but the ones I have read were so motivating and encouraging.

  5. This sounds like an exciting list of books that I definitely want to read. I have been wanting to read Girl, Wash Your Face, but I have been so busy. I definitely need to schedule some reading time into my schedle.

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