5 Reasons To Want A Tiny Home

Have you heard of the tiny home movement? It’s growing and becoming more common as people look for ways to escape debt and focus on enjoying life more. Americans are loving the idea of “stepping off the hamster wheel” of endless work and debt and have jumped on the tiny living band wagon (including myself)! Around 700 new tiny homes are being built in America every year (find more info here). With all the benefits, you should jump on board too!

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The Money

Let’s be real, owning a home or renting a home is expensive. Deposits, rent, repairs, utilities, etc. are all black holes continuously consuming our money. But what if you could drastically reduce those costs? Tiny living means way less in home costs. With the cheaper cost, it’s much easier to own and skip out on the cost of deposits and rent.

Although we have some other costs, our home only costs in the range of $0-700 a month (depending where we set up camp). The most we spend in a month on housing is less than half the cost of any other living situation we’ve previously had. Less mortgage and a lower cost of living also means more freedom to decide how much you work, if you want to stay home with your family, and the kinds of education your children have. Without tiny living, I wouldn’t be able to work from home part time, but would instead be working to pay for the hefty cost of living!

Studies show that roughly 50% of tiny house owners have more money saved that owners of traditional homes.


Outside More

A small space can actually mean more space. When you have a tiny space, you get much more creative and a huge part of that is being outdoors more. We now have most of our meals outside together. This has had so many benefits such as more sunshine, an occupied toddler, and a relaxed, enjoyable time. Along with meals outside we now have more time for walks, hikes, and exploring new places.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

– Hans Hofmann

Less Stuff, More Living

Do you get exhausted from endlessly picking stuff up and cleaning? I know I did. When you live tiny, there’s just less to deal with. Once we went minimalist and moved into our tiny home, I found cleaning up took way less time. Instead of investing hours daily to maintain a clean home, I typically can spend 20 minutes to keep things pristine. 

Get Exactly What You Want

When it’s a small space, it’s much easier to personalize everything to be how you want it. In regular sized homes, I have always allowed it to not be exactly what I want either because of cost or the sheer size of a project. While remodeling a kitchen in a regular home typically costs thousands, updating our tiny home is easy to do ourselves and takes way less supplies (aka less time and money!). We were quickly able to achieve the aesthetic we wanted, while in our previous, larger home we put in tons of time and money and never quite got things how we wanted.

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”

– Socrates

Less Stress

Along with less stuff and more living comes less stress. Don’t get me wrong, things can still break and get chaotic when you have a tiny home. Just in our first month in our tiny home our A/C unit caught fire (thankfully everyone was safe and the fire caused no damage) and had to be replaced costing us about $1K, however there’s just much less to go wrong. Our large home has cost us thousands in repairs and updates in the two years we owned it.

What to know about tiny living and homes

Having a tiny home allows for more flexibility and freedom! Have you ever considered going tiny?

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14 Comments on “5 Reasons To Want A Tiny Home

  1. I never thought about all that with a tiny home. All I thought about is how it would be tough to enterain, but I do love these 5 reasons.

  2. This was a really interesting post, I never thought of living in a tiny home, if I lived alone maybe! My hubby would just die, lol! Thanks for sharing

  3. Great post and very interesting! I would consider this if I wasn’t married, my hubby would just die, lol! Thanks for sharing

  4. This is so interesting. I never thought about living in a tiny home, but these benefits definitely make me consider it!

  5. Even as so many people around us are looking for bigger homes and bigger cars, actually what is most important is that we live within our means and build a home that is filled with love for our kids! Size doesn’t matter!

  6. I hadn’t thought about tiny homes in this light. These reasons would be enough to convince me if I was alone, but my family would go crazy being in such close quarters!

  7. I am very interested in a tiny house but then I think of things like my personal home library (I have 3 Billy bookcases so far and possibly growing in the future) and I’m not sure I could work with a tiny space. Then again, I’d have to try it out to really tell. There are ways of figuring things out for sure!!

  8. We love tiny homes. If you want to travel more definitely worth the purchase. Thanks for sharing.

  9. We lived in a small house (family of five in 1200 square feet) and I miss it! The thing I love is the togetherness, I don’t love the idea of all of us being spread out in different corners of the house. Now we’re a family of six in a much bigger house but we still have our kids share rooms and we really promote time spent together.

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