Natural Home Birth Plan

My Birth Plan

A birth plan is a list of what a mother desires for her birth. Each mother may have different desires and limits, but these were the decisions I made for my body and my child. I am providing my birth plan as an example for other mothers to get more ideas and feel more empowered about their own birth experience.

Natural home birth plan example

  • Mother’s Circumstances
    • Has fibromyalgia
    • Has lower right side back injury
    • Anemic
  • Birth Environment
    • My husband is my birth partner.
    • Homebirth preferred
    • Quiet, calm environment. No directed pushing. No chatting, please.
    • Low lighting/candles
    • Birth music playlist provided by mother
    • Midwife and assistant/doula & birth partner present only
    • Video & occasional photos
    • Aromatherapy
  • Birthing Process
    • Always ask for my consent
    • No augmentation, please
    • Natural water rupture
    • Natural vaginal birth 
    • Limited cervical checks, only when necessary.
    • Hands off; no perineal massage.
    • Wireless fetal monitoring or intermittent
    • Free movement
    • May labor in water
    • Freedom to eat/drink
  • Avoid:
    • Coaching and directed pushing
    • Pain medication
    • Use IV/Heplock or assisting birth tools such as forceps
    • Episiotomy
    • Active management
    • Induction
    • Fetal scalp electrode – use external monitoring only and only if necessary
    • Cesarean – only if a life-threatening medical emergency. Husband or I must consent prior.

subscription box for moms

  • Pain management
    • Waterbirth
    • Massage
    • Heating pad
    • No medication
  • Post Birth
    • Uterus contract naturally/natural birth of the placenta
    • Skin to skin immediately after birth
    • Allow vernix to absorb in baby’s skin
    • Breastfeed asap
    • Delay cord clamping for at least 3 minutes/after ceasing pulsating
    • Husband cuts cord
    • Exams & prints done on mom’s chest
    • Delay routine procedures at least an hour
    • Baby stays in the room with mom unless a medical emergency
    • The baby will not be circumcised
    • Wish to meet with a lactation consultant
  • Baby Care
    • Intend to breastfeed.
    • No pacifier or false nipples
    • No formula
    • No sugar water
    • Cloth diapers
  • Baby’s Medical:
    • natural oral vitamin k supplements
    • No eye ointment
    • Foot prick for routine blood test allowed

Home Birth Plan Template!


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33 Comments on “Natural Home Birth Plan

  1. This is very useful. I must admit that I’m scared of home birth so I had both my children at hospital. Besides, home birth isn’t something that’s allowed in Serbia.

    • New studies have actually found it’s safer if you don’t have any preexisting risk factors! Really hoping more countries start supporting it.

  2. I find this very admirable and interesting. I don’t know how you do it, but I respect your strength!

    • Haha we all have our things and I totally get it. I was honestly scared to be at the hospital and be bullied into things I didn’t want which I’ve heard from so many women.

  3. This is very helpf for the people plannibg for natural birth. I had a natural birth but in hospital. Here we don’t really dare to have it at home. I wish I could plan it that way

  4. I love that you use the word “empowered”! Birth is something so natural and empowering! This is a great birth plan, and very detailed!

  5. So glad you were able to have such a detailed plan in place. Childbirth is an amazing moment. Sierra Beautifully Candid

    • Not everything went by plan (although I still had a home birth), but it was so empowering to have the plan and an understanding of what I wanted!

  6. It’s great to have an example for other women to use when creating their own birth plan with items they may not think about beforehand.

  7. Great tips. I’m a childbirth educator as well as out of hospital birther times 4 (1 hospital due to prematurity). It’s so helpful for parents to be to go through making a birth plan/preference list so they take time to explore all their options.

    • Thank you! I agree! It’s not about it being perfect but just feeling empowered to get things closer to the experience we want.

  8. So much great information here. Post like this are amazing to help other moms and get information that sometimes can be hard to find. Thank you!

  9. Looks like a well thought out plan. Wish more people knew to ask for delayed cord clamping. My son was anemic and I always wonder if it could have been avoided…

  10. Love the written plan of action! This helps things run smoother, especially where it is a homebirth and not in the hospital. I will say, however, that you may want a backup plan should there be any type of (God forbid) an emergency or things just aren’t able to go exactly as planned. This will help prevent stress on you and others who are helping you!

    • I actually had my baby two years ago and of course adjusted as needed (they broke my water and monitored more often) but had the home birth I wanted 😊

  11. Having a brith plan gives such a peace of mind although it’s important to be flexible as well. Giving birth is such a complicated process and God forbid so many things can go wrong in matter of minutes. Sometimes professional medical interference is the only way to go. I had a very difficult labor and I’m forever grateful to the medical personnel who helped me deliver.

    • Definitely! I actually already used this birth plan and ended up having my water broken, having an IV, and being monitored way more than planned, but so thankful I had this plan otherwise I would have ended up with a C Section without a doubt.

  12. Thanks for sharing! I didnt realize how necessary it is to have a birth plan until I had my first one. Definitely going to make a natural birth plan for my next one!

  13. These are all wonderful ways to stay in control of your birth experience! I just love reading about how more and more women are taking control and educating themselves on what they are empowered to do!

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