The Best Books To Read for Postpartum Wellness and Recovery

books for postpartum recovery

Postpartum seems to be one of the most neglected subjects when preparing a new mom for the transition to motherhood. It seems everyone wants to focus on pregnancy, birth, and mostly, the baby. However, one of the biggest impacts on mom and baby is mom’s wellness during postpartum. Finding great resources to make sure you are properly supporting yourself and advocating for yourself is one of the best ways to prepare for the postpartum period.

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Something is missing in modern motherhood.
So many of us feel so lost bringing our babies home- shaken by the exhaustion and loneliness and everyone asking about the baby with no concern of mama.
Motherhood has been lost
• We no longer live as a community so our experience of mothering only comes from our own mothers •
As communities, motherhood was integrated and learning to mother was passed down with ease, even if your own mother hadn’t had the best skills
Now, we no longer have the opportunities to learn so when our babies come home, we are so lost. We feel like failures.
We check out or flail around looking for answers and attempting to learn.
But we are not failures – the lack of community has failed us.
You are not at fault mama.
Build your community, find the support, and connect.
Connect with your baby, connect with yourself, and connect with other mamas and watch your sense of failure, desperation, and lack of direction dissipate.

Book Suggestions

Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth: The New Mom’s Guide to Navigating the Fourth Trimester

When you hear the term fourth trimester, you think of the baby’s development, however it’s also applicapable to mom’s transition and healing. This book is all about making the fourth trimester a time of growth and healing by giving natural tips and recipes to deal with the physical and emotional difficulties that can arise after giving birth as well as breastfeeding support.

Mother Matters: a Holistic Guide to Being a Happy, Healthy Mom by Dayna Kurtz

Mother Matters is a valuable resource for self care and wellness while caring for a newborn and facing the challenges of postpartum. Coining the term “mother care” shifts the focus of postpartum to caring for the mother and creating a more secure sense of wellness. The book discusses how to use different methods such as accupressure, art therapy, physical activity, and other alternatives to reclaim your wellness and sense of self. You can learn more about the author and the book on her podcast here!

Mothering the New Mother: Your Postpartum Resource Companion by Sally Placksin

Mothering the New Mother is a great resource for planning what you can expect during postpartum based on research and other’s experiences. The book is also a helpful resource on where and how to get help, checklists for preparation, facing going back to work, and self care options during postpartum.

After your baby arrives, you yourself may feel like something of a present, albeit clumsy, wrapped in unmatched ribbons and bows, but new. Untried. Untested

Sally Placksin

This Isn’t What I Expected [2nd edition]: Overcoming Postpartum Depression

This book is all about recognizing and coping with postpartum depression. Although you may think this book won’t be helpful to you, 1 in 7 women deal with postpartum depression and up to 8 in 10 experience the baby blues. This book addresses how to get the support you need, self help methods, and cope with the day to day aspects of mothering while dealing with postpartum depression or other mood disorders that may arise during postpartum.

More Helpful Books On Postpartum

Here are a few more incredible books on natural recovery during postpartum. Each provides encouragement and easy tips to help you in your natural motherhood journey.

Natural Health after Birth: the Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness

Strong As a Mother: How to Stay Healthy, Happy, and (Most Importantly) Sane from Pregnancy to Parenthood

Mama Natural

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