The Natural Mom’s Postpartum Healing and Recovery Essentials

natural postpartum recovery essentials

Postpartum is a time of transition when your body is unfamiliar and the little human you’ve been growing is learning the outside world and how to communicate. Everyone is tired. Everyone is messy. There’s beautiful, blissful moments and heart wrenching, dreadful moments. With so much to navigate and learn, it can make a huge difference to be prepared for this time of transition. With a little preparation, postpartum can (usually) be a time of healing and bonding rather than flat out chaos.

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Mess Control:

When my first child came along, the mess of postpartum was something I was not prepared for. I knew birth would be messy and I’d have to wear an adult diaper after. What I didn’t know is that the mess continues for quite some time in the form of bleeding, clotting, leaking breasts, spit up, diaper explosions, sweating, and all the fun mystery fluids. I quickly ran out of all the natural postpartum gear I thought I had stocked up on. Being a natural minded mama, I was left scrambling trying to quickly source non-toxic, low-waste solutions for this messy time.

This list resembles how I stocked up for my second home birthed baby to avoid the postpartum chaos.


Adult Diapers

Rags & Burp Cloths

Tools for Healing:

Having a home birth with my first, I had a supportive group of midwives to guide me and attended monthly childbirth classes. We discussed the process and what to expect regularly. Regardless of the support and education, there were things I just had no clue about, especially regarding the postpartum body. First off, I felt like I had been hit by a car after birth. Every muscle in my body ached and I couldn’t walk unassisted for a few days. To be fair, I had an unusually long labor, 75 hours, with around 7 hours of pushing, but I had no idea I would be so physically exhausted and aching after birth. I knew birth was hard and would be painful in its own regard, but I didn’t realize the residual pain it would cause, and not just in my nether regions. Pregnancy and birth completely changed my body.

With time and a few key supports, my body began feeling it’s new normal and everything healed wonderfully.

Peri Bottle

Herbs (Find my favorites here)

Essential Oils

Epsom Salt

Teas (Find my favorites here)


Earth Mama Herbal Balms


Nursing Tops

Comfy Nursing Bras

Booby Tubes®

Breast Pads

Organic Nipple Butter (Hot & cold pack for breastfeeding)

For Fun & Memories:


My First Year Book

What have you found essential for Postpartum?

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